Avocado sorting solution
  • Customized defect standards, no blind spots in all-round photography.
  • Strict quality control to ensure stability.
  • High-speed, high-precision, multi-directional sorting, color grade color value.
  • Intelligent automatic sorting line can effectively avoid fruit damage.
Product Details

REEMOON intelligent avocado sorting equipment provides a complete set of industrial mechanization solutions for avocado post-harvest processing, which can help reduce labor. Through precise sorting and grading, it greatly improves the stability of avocado quality and market value.

In-feeding System

Robot feeding
Reemoon robot depalletizing adopts a fully automated processing system, and the robot arm automatically, quickly, continuously and flexibly pours fruit.

Electronic Sorting

Weight sorting
The weight sorting equipment adopts dual sensors and four-point contact, and automatically measures the packing weight according to the avocado sorting grade standard to ensure the consistency of the size of each box of avocados.

Size sorting
Calculates size and projected area of Avocado to ensure uniformity of the Avocado in size. Customizable size standard sorting.

Tailor-made packaging

Automatic process removes the need for manual weighing and packaging, improving production efficiency.

Traceable system

Avocado information from the sorting line is stored and backed up,allowing tracking and control of produce.

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