Pomelo post -harvest process
  • Infeed with rollers,Reduce crash.
  • Washing brush,Remove the foreign materials.
  • Brix and acidity detecting,Uniformity in quality.
Product details

Reemoon pomelo sorting line has broke through in the problem of accuracy in thick grapefruit skin sugar detection,by adapting Near-infrared penetration technology to do the Brix and acidity sorting.

In-feeding System

Pomelo pourer
The pomelo sorting machine adopts flexible fruit pour to reduce fruit damage.

Roller elevating machine
Avoid getting bruised when dumping overweight grapefruit.

Washing line

Washing brush
continue rolling the brushes to clean the dirty foreign materials on pomelo skin.

Arrange the pomelo in single-fruit rows prior to sort and fix them on the fruit trays.

Electronic Sorting

Electronic weighing sorting
The Lumeng weight sorting equipment adopts multi-point sensor contact and automatically measures the packing weight according to the pomelo sorting grade standard to ensure the consistency of the size of each box of pomelo.

Internal quality detecting

Internal quality detecting
Automatically scans the interior of the grapefruit to detect the brix, ensuring the consistency of all sorted grapefruits.

Tailor-made packaging

Different grades are set at different outlets according to the customer's weight value to ensure the stability of each box in terms of brix and weight.

Tracking System

Fully automatic data collection and processing, from the cherry picking to the sale, the whole process can be tracked and controlled.

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