Smart sorting solution for dates
  • Save time and labor costs, and provide customers with value-added services.
  • Quality is strictly controlled to ensure the stability of the brand.
  • The intelligent automatic sorting line can effectively avoid fruit damage.
  • Help customers to achieve greater potential and maximize benefits.
  • High-speed, high-precision, multi-color grade sorting.
Product details

Reemoon smart sorting equipment for winter jujube provides a complete set of industrial mechanization solutions for the post-harvest processing of winter jujube, which can help reduce labor. Through precise sorting and grading, it greatly improves the stability and market value of winter jujube. Reemoon has successively won national, provincial and municipal honors such as National High-tech Enterprise and 2019 China Fruit Service Provider Famous Brand. Our winter jujube sorting machine has an advanced design concept and reasonable layout. At the same time, our winter jujube sorting machine has advanced design concepts, reasonable layout, and has many characteristics such as accurate grading, high efficiency, stability, less fruit damage, simple operation and maintenance etc., has won unanimous praise from customers. The equipment can select the winter jujube by color and weight.

In-feeding System

Robot feeding
Reemoon robot depalletizing adopts a fully automated processing system, and the robot arm automatically, quickly, continuously and flexibly pours fruit.

Feeding and lifting
Put the crate into the belt, and the belt will automatically transport it to the crate tipping area.

180° Degree Crate Tipper
The box turning machine rotates 180° to separate the dates from the fruit basket. The dates enters the conveyor belt for feeding, and the empty basket enters the plastic frame conveyor belt to the packaging opening, which improves the utilization rate of fruit baskets and improves work efficiency.

Washing line

Manual packing table
Before automatic sorting, a manual primary selection is performed to filter out the problematic fruit.

Singulation stage
Singulation stage of winter jujube is convenient for detecting the whole winter jujube when sorting, and at the same time avoiding fruit-to-fruit collision damage.

Selective sorting

Three-dimensional vision inspection system
Reemoon winter jujube sorting machine uses advanced technology to identify the color.

Tailor-made packaging

The packing table is equipped with a weighing system. After the fruit sorted by weight, the fruit is conveyed to the box through a belt to realize quantitative packing.

Traceability system

All the fruit enter packing house will input basic information, the whole process information is tracked, summarized in real time, and the statistical information is sent to the statistical display, which is displayed on the large screen as a histogram. It is convenient for customers to analyze fruit market information.

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