REEMOON Peach Sorting Solution
  • Near infrared projection technology for sugar content detection.
  • The operation of the equipment is simple and easy to learn, one model is multi-purpose.
  • Gentle feeding, individual soft fruit cups, non-destructive sorting.
Product details

The Reemoon Peaches Hufu Style is designed to solve the problem of peaches with thin skin and tender flesh that are easily bruised. It detects and sorts the internal conditions such as sugar content of peaches. Care starts from loading, and the whole process is non-destructive sorting to avoid knocks and bumps.

In-feeding System

Roller feeder
The unpowered roller uses the thrust to transport the plastic frame or the push plate, so that each peach is individually fixed on the soft fruit tray, and the fruit is gently protected from the feeding, and the whole process is non-destructive sorting.

Empty cup reflux system
After the peaches are graded, they enter the packaging outlet. Each group of outlets is equipped with an empty cup return belt conveyor to automatically return the empty cups and arrange them again after confluence. Automatic reflux circulation system can save time and improve production efficiency.

Electronic Sorting

Visual inspection system
Using professional technology to collect information on peaches, detect and sort the color and size of peaches, and customers can freely set the sorting parameters according to their own needs. Maintain the uniformity and quality stability of peaches.

Internal quality sorting

Brix detection system
Near-infrared projection technology is used to detect the sugar content of peaches, stabilize the internal quality of peaches, and achieve standardization.

Internal selection
There is no need to cut the fruit for inspection, and a multi-faceted intelligent non-destructive sorting of internal quality can ensure the consistency of the taste of each sorted fruit.

Tailor-made packaging

Packing system
Equipped with 9 sets of outlets, each set of outlets is equipped with two specifications, with a large capacity. After the packaging is completed, it enters the finished product conveyor belt, without manual collection, high efficiency, and the export quantity can be increased or decreased according to customer requirements.

Tracking System

From the picking of peaches to sales, every link is recorded and filed to facilitate customer follow-up investigation and data integration of products.

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