Smart sorting solution for Mango
  • Tipping the fruit into tank to slow down the impact and avoid any damage of fruit.
  • Sterilization and preservation, extending shelf life.
  • Save time and labor costs, and provide customers with value-added services.
  • Quality is strictly controlled to ensure the stability of the brand.
  • The intelligent automatic sorting line can effectively avoid fruit damage.
  • Help customers to achieve greater potential and maximize benefits.
Product details

The mango sorting line solution from Reemoon is special designed for oval and big fruit, which can be classified by weight, to maintain the consistency in the size of each case of mango, ensuring the stability of the brand.

In-feeding System

Infeeding water tank
The fruit directly enter from entrance of Infeeding water tank made by stainless steel304, the prepared dish soap inside it can soak the mango surface quickly.

Washing line

Bubble cleaning
The bubbling machine generates bubbles to quickly infiltrate the mango skin, and use the blasting force of the water bubble to clean the pectin and other attachments on the mango skin without contact.

Spray cleaning
Two rows of water spray curtains, nozzles spray high-speed water flow, and the fruit sweeping device pushes the fruit forward, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning, automatically sweep the fruit throughout the process, and improve work efficiency.

Warm water tank for the heat treatment of fruit
A constant temperature heating device and a water circulation return line are used to treat mangoes with hot water for a certain temperature and time to promote the production of mango heat shock proteins, make the skin more compact, extend the shelf life, and kill quarantine eggs.

Roller style drying machine
The centrifugal fan absorbs free hot air to form a cycle to achieve a drying effect.

Selective sorting

Weight sorting
A weighing system is used to sort the weight of the mangoes accurately, to ensure the stability of the quality of each box of mangoes.

Tailor-made packaging

It adopts a three-layer structure, the upper layer is for empty box; the middle layer is a conveyor belt for full box, and the third layer is a packaging table for sorted fruit.Improve packaging efficiency and reduce time costs.

Traceable system

The information of this batch of mangoes is recorded before tip into the tank, and the whole process data backup feedback is sorted to facilitate customers to supervise the product trends in real time.

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