Dragon fruit intelligent sorting solution
  • High pressure cleaning, stain removal,impurities filtering.
  • Automatic flexible sorting to avoid bruise of fruit.
  • External quality sorting to ensure the stability of fruit quality.
  • Fruit crate recycling system to improve work efficiency.
  • Fruit air-drying system to extend shelf life.
Product details

Reemoon Dragon fruit solution is developed for the characteristics of dragon fruit easy to be knocked and bruised, and the outer skin easy to hide dirt.It consists of automatic flexible pool feeding, sterilization and cleaning, air drying, and sorting. Dragon fruit can be sorted by weight, so that each box of dragon fruit maintains the same size.

In-feeding System

The labor-saving conveyor combined with the water-type flexible box emptying machine is used to accomplish the unloading of the fruit, so that the dragon fruit is gently tipped into the water, which greatly reduces the risk of bumps and realizes automatic and flexible fruit unloading.

Washing line

Water tank
Bubbling-type water tank, drench the skin to remove stains, and reduce the buffering force of the pool to avoid fruit damage due to collisions, and it can also filter out residues and impurities.

Fruit Washing System
High-pressure spray cleaning can clean the surface of the dragon fruit and remove the mud, peat and etc. The rollers convey the fruits after cleaning which can effectively prevent mutual collision and damage.

Air drying system
It is composed of a powerful air knife to ensure the dryness of the dragon fruit surface, so that the dragon fruit can be directly packaged and loaded after grading, reducing post rot.

Selective sorting

Quickly accomplish the weight detection and grading of dragon fruit, and the output per hour can reach 16 tons, realizing the quantative weight grading of each outlet.

Tailor-made packaging

Adaptive box packing machine
After sorting the dragon fruit is conveyed to the boxing machine through a belt. The outlet can automatically adjust the height to adapt to different boxing heights, reducing the impact caused by drop, and making the dragon fruit gently fall into the crate to avoid damage of the dragon fruit.

Plastic crate conveying system
During the conveying process of plastic crates after unloading, high-pressure spray cleaning and hot air drying procedures are added to increase the utilization rate of plastic crate and improve work efficiency.

Traceable system

From the beginning of the dragon fruit picking to the end of the sorting, the whole process of information input is carried out,so as to grasp the dynamic information of the fruit at any time, and carry out inspection and control.

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