REEMOON Mandarin Sorting Solution
  • Customized blemish standards, no blind spots in all-round photography.
  • Brix is strictly graded to ensure the stability of internal quality.
  • Customizable solutions provide customers with value-added services.
Product details

Reemoon’s mandarin sorting solution is suitable for even thin-skinned mandarins. It sorts by qualities such as color, size, blemishes and Brix.

In-feeding System

Robot feeding
Reemoon robot depalletizing adopts a fully automated processing system, and the robot arm automatically, quickly, continuously and flexibly pours fruit.

C type continuous box turning machine
Flexible fruit tipping with minimal damage. Empty frames are automatically processed and sterilized.

Side tilt box machine
After the robot arm automatically loads the material, the fruit frame is conveyed to the material inlet side and the fruit is overturned. The fruit is conveyed to the sorting line by the roller, and the empty frame enters the recycling system.

Washing line

Bubbling cleaning
Water blasted bubbles quickly cleans the fruit and reduces fruit handling.

Hot Water Treatment
Treating mandarins with hot water at a set temperature and time period promotes disease and stress resistance of the fruit and extends its shelf life.

Water sterilization system
Uses broad-spectrum sterilization including bactericide and fungicide which sanitises the fruit and prevents rot and mildew.

Hot drying treatment
Dries mandarins with a hot air cycle.

Electronic Sorting

Color sorting
Sorts mandarins into 16 color grades. Fine grading ensures fruit stability quality.

Size sorting
Calculates size and projected area of mandarin to ensure uniformity of the mandarin in size. Customizable size standard sorting.

Weight sorting
Automatically measures and weighs fruit to ensure the consistency of each carton weight.

Blemish sorting
Reemoon's self-developed technology is used to sort and grade the blemishes in the surface of mandarin. Using a distributed system, the sorting procedure does not depend on the computer, even if the computer is turned off, it will not affect the sorting at all. Greatly improve the efficiency of sorting and increase the sales value of mandarin.

Internal quality sorting

Internal quality sorting
Automatically scans and detects internal qualities without cutting the fruit, resulting in a more consistent taste.

Tailor-made packaging

Auto-filling packing
Automatic process removes the need for manual weighing and packaging, improving production efficiency.

Traceable system

Mandarin information from the sorting line is stored and backed up,allowing tracking and control of produce.

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