Supply more efficient machines at a more reasonable price
Publish Time: 2018-04-12 Views:7629

The orange export season in Egypt has just started for the 2018-2019 season. To ensure the sorting and packaging of the oranges proceeds smoothly, a good sorting line could be a big help. It automates the process and in this way it decreases losses and speeds up the production process. Reemoon Technology Holdings Co., Ltd. is an international provider of sorter lines for different kind of fruits and one of them is the orange. They understand the preferences of the fruit industry very well and can provide the right machines and services to make processing fruits more standardized and faster.

According to Sam Zhao, Overseas Affairs Manager at Reemoon Technology Holdings Co., Ltd: “We are currently working on new projects in Egypt for orange sorting lines. We provide Egyptian companies with our orange sorting line, a machine that we've already installed in South Africa. The sorting line in South Africa is doing quite well. Egyptian buyers prefer the more cost-efficient machines and our machines can fulfil their needs with right technology.”

But having a good machine is not everything, how do you maintain the right fruit standards? Next to delivering the machine and technology, Reemoon has another important value that is interesting for companies exporting to China. “Besides installing our machine and delivering the right technology, we also help the foreign companies with adjusting their fruits to the right standards for export to China or other countries. Most of the time, foreign companies need to adjust their fruit standards if they want to export their orange to the Chinese market, which is not always easy for them. This is where we show our added value - we help them to diversify their produce quality standard to different markets. So we help them adjust it for the Chinese market or other markets they would like to export to.”

As Sam Zhao explains, the competition in the sorting machine industry is quite fierce. “We have some international competitors in this business, but we are able to distinguish ourselves. Our main strategy is to keep the quality high, but also try to offer a cost-effective machine. Our machines can achieve relatively the same technology solutions as other machines with more reasonable price. In this way we are able to make our sorting equipment affordable for small and medium sized packhouses, which is not always the case with the machines from our competitors.”

Nowadays there still exist a lot of prejudices about Chinese products - that they are only cheap because they are of low value, though Sam Zhao states: “Yes, in the past Chinese products were maybe not of the best quality, but the situation nowadays is different and not comparable with the past anymore. We have developed and progressed a lot in the last few decades. More time and effort is invested in research and technology now and that really benefits the quality of Chinese products.”

Sam Zhao mentions it’s hard to start doing business in a new country or new market because of this kind of prejudice. Though, once companies get to know Reemoon’s equipment and start using them, the sales in that country mostly double after a year. “Our products are of good quality and, with the right maintenance, can be used for at least ten years. In the beginning it is hard to gain a company’s trust, however if they see that the machine works like it should, other companies will follow. South Africa and Egypt are becoming our main markets. So, we have experienced that building a good reputation is also very important.”