Orange intelligent sorting solution
  • Ultra high speed sorting.
  • Skin sorting can be divided into multiple color grades.
  • Customized blemish standard, no blind spots in all-round photography.
  • Sorts by brix and acidity to ensure the stability of internal quality.
Product details

REEMOON Sorting equipment can perform refined post-harvest sorting the oranges by color, size, appearance, and internal quality like Brix.

In-feeding System

Robot feeding
Reemoon robot depalletizing adopts a fully automated processing system, and the robot arm automatically, quickly, continuously and flexibly pours fruit.

C type continuous box turning machine
Flexiblefruit tipping, reduce fruit damage. At the same time, empty frames can be automatically processed and sterilized.

Side tilt box machine
After the robot arm automatically loads the material, the fruit frame is conveyed to the material inlet side and the fruit is overturned. The fruit is conveyed to the sorting line by the roller, and the empty frame enters the recycling system.

Washing line

Bubbling cleaning
The REEMOON washign machine is touching-free cleaning mode, which uses the blasting of the water bubble to fully infiltrate the orange and clean the surface.

Hot Water Treatment
Treat the orange with hot water at a certain temperature in a period of timeto urge the heating shock protein in the orange which tighten the skin, and enhances the disease resistance and stress resistance of the orange to extend its shelf life.

Orange High-pressure Spraying Washing Machine
REEMOON automatic orange sorting line uses high-speed and gentle water pressure to clean the surface, which can quickly clear the pesticide residues, microorganisms and other contaminants from the epidermis.

Water Sterilization System
Use broad-spectrum sterilization, spray the fungicide all over the epidermis, quickly kill the bacteria and fungi on the surface, ensure the sanitation of the orange, and prevent further rot and mildew.

orange dryer
The heat tunnel dryer is used to dry the skin by the centrifugal fan absorbs and recycles the hot wind.

orange waxing machine
Atomize the fruit wax and apply it evenly on the surface to reduce the water loss to extend the shelf life.

Electronic Sorting

Color Sorting
REEMOON orange sorting machine uses advanced technology to identify the color of oranges. It can sort oranges(surface) by 16 color grades finely.

Size sorting
The size sorting equipment automatically calculates the shape and projection area of the orange and other parameters to ensure the uniformity of the orange in size. Users can freely set the size standard for sorting.

orange electronic weighing system
Automatically measures and weighs fruit to ensure the consistency of each carton weight.

Appearance defect sorting
The orange grading machine uses patented technology to collect holographic data to sort and classify orange skin defects without affection even if the computer is turned off.

Internal Quality Sorting

Internal Quality Sorting
Automatically scans and detects internal qualities without cutting the fruit, resulting in a more consistent taste.

Tailor-made packaging

Auto filling system
Automatic process removes the need for manual weighing and packaging, improving production efficiency. Compatibility: The REEMOON orange sorting line is compatible with different automation equipment, such as automatic labeling machines, automatic palletizing and bundling.

Tracking System

Compatibility: The green cute orange sorting line can be compatible with matching automation equipment, such as automatic labeling machine, automatic palletizing and bundling.
From the input of all the data of orange including packaging codes of the sorting process, all process information on the sorting line is entered and backed up, to ensure the tracking of the products.

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